Chained / Linked Response Areas

Mobius would benefit from giving authors the ability to chain response areas within a question.

Meaning, use the students response from a response area in calculating the correct answer for a different response area. i.e. subsequent response areas are dependent on the responses from prior ones.

This would allow partial credit to be given to students if they do most of a question correct, but make an incorrect mistaken early on in their solution.

  • Jon Watkins
  • Jun 1 2018
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  • P Ross Taylor commented
    1 Mar 04:58pm

    One area where chaining responses is almost essential is in using measured values in calculations in a lab. For example, if students are recording voltages on a transistor biasing circuit, every recorded value will be different, depending on the transistor characteristics. However, the resulting calculations all follow the same procedure, so it would be great to be able to have the students' calculated results be marked automatically based upon correct manipulation of the input values.

  • tobias stad commented
    25 Jan 07:53am

    This would be wonderfull and not that hard to program for you guys right?

  • Guest commented
    20 Jan 11:10pm

    This is a fantastic idea. I can think of so many ways this feature would enhance many of questions, and give a more realistic representation of student knowledge. I hope it happens soon! :-)

  • Peter Johnson commented
    8 Oct, 2020 09:07pm

    Any updates on this popular suggestion?

  • Guest commented
    28 Aug, 2020 11:17am

    we need to be able to return variables from response areas, so they can talk to one another and to other parts of the marking code including algorithm section, feedback and maybe even custom css.

    we also need maple repositories callable from within HTML question types' Maple-Grading code

  • Marcelo Miranda commented
    28 Aug, 2020 10:03am

    This would certainly be useful and could be used in more ways than as suggested by Jon (top). If $RESPONSE (and various instances of it for questions requiring multiple responses) were available for use in the main algorithm part, this could be used for significantly improved, $RESPONSE-specific feedback. Lachlan (16 July) and John (19 July) already mentioned it.

    However, I would like to suggest something more general, at least for maple-graded questions. My suggestion is this: to create a variable (or more) that could be used to transfer information from the maple grading code to the feedback and/or to the main algorithm. A single variable (let's call it $GradingOutcome) might suffice, as its value could be a maple list or array:

    $GradingOutcome := [ $RESPONSE, "Feedback Comment", PercentageError ];

    Apart from accounting from accumulation of errors, this would allow for feedback such as "Because of early rounding, your final result is off by 32%", "You have used a floating point value where it best practice would have been to use rationals", etc.

    Just passing $RESPONSE to the main algorithm would be error-prone, for the same code would have to be typed in twice (in the maple grading and also in the main algorithm).

    Thanks to Lachlan for making me aware of this thread.

  • John Meyer commented
    19 Jul, 2020 02:29pm

    Linked repsonse areas within Mobius (without need of html repsonse areas) which can accomodate error carried forward would be very useful. Additionally, thanks Lachlan directing me to this thread. Being able to use the $RESPONSE (ideally '$RESPONE(i)' for questions with multiple parts) in feedback (and linked answer boxes) are 2 of the main things I'd like in an update.

  • Sean Scott commented
    16 Jul, 2020 06:05pm

    Maple T.A. used to have a very primitive ability to pass student answers from one question to the next. When Mobius was launched we were promised this ability, but it seems to have gone down a black hole. We can pseudo-do it with Adaptive questions by providing the next section a value like the one they should have got, but this is a poor substitute. Our instructors are really starting to ask for a proper tool to allow this.

  • Lachlan Swain commented
    16 Jul, 2020 04:31pm

    An extension of this idea that Birmingham has recently asked about is to have $RESPONSE regonised in feedback sections.

  • Guest commented
    5 Jun, 2020 03:54am

    Gosh, yes, this would be incredible. It would also avoid having to have increasingly large error margins as a question progresses.

  • Jonny Zivku commented
    14 Jun, 2018 08:09am

    Don't forget to include alrogmithmic variables in the passing of responses.