Include basic Login troubleshooter on the login page

A lot of the time, especially when there's a new batch of students using Mobius, we're confronted with students who can't log in because:

1. They're not using a compatible browser.
2. They don't have 3rd party cookies enabled.

This information is available on our help web pages if you look hard enough, but students tend not to look at these.

This causes students (and sometimes instructors) to have an un-necessary bad first experience of Mobius. Sometimes students will complain to their instructors about it which can annoy them too.

Therefore I think it would be incredibly helpful to have a little button below 'Forgot your password?', that says 'Trouble logging in?'.

After clicking that/ hovering over it, you'd be presented with a list of compatible browsers and a reminder to enabled 3rd party cookies.

  • Boris Pavlovic
  • Nov 21 2019
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