Question Designer Mathematical Formula 'Equation' Sub-Type Needs Improvement; Will Sometimes Grade Verbatim Student Response as Incorrect

Steps to Reproduce:

# From your homepage, navigate into a class that you are an Instructor in.
# Click 'Questions'.
# Click 'New Question'.
# Click 'Question Designer'.
# Give the question a name.
# In the Question Text CKeditor, click the 'Insert/Edit Response Area' button.
# Select 'Mathematical Formula' as the Question Type. (This should be the default.)
# For the sub-type, choose Equation.
# Enter the desired answer. The suggested example is {{x+3y=1}}, so try something like {{2x+4y=2}}.
# Click 'OK'.
# Enter some additional question text if desired.
# Click 'Finish'.
# Click 'Preview'.
# In the 'Preview Question' window, type in the correct answer and click 'Grade'.

Expected Result:

The question is graded as being correct.

Actual Result:

The question is graded as being incorrect. However, the correct response shown matches your response exactly, so exactly why your answer is incorrect is not clear.

Additional Notes:

Our QA test case on this particular question type indicates that the solution to these question type must be solved for a single variable. So, even though an instructor might enter the correct answer as {{2x+4y=2}}, if a student does the same it will be marked incorrect. The student apparently must enter {{x=1-2y}} or {{y=1/2-x/2}} in order for the result to be graded correctly. This is misleading, because the example given for this particular response sub-type does not follow this requirement. The example should be changed or this response area type should be improved so that the answer would be marked correct in this case.

  • Boris Pavlovic
  • Nov 21 2019
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  • Admin
    Boris Pavlovic commented
    22 Nov, 2019 10:25pm

    Currently in the works for 2020.0