Need to store an extra time factor in each student's details (e.g. +20 mins/hr) for groups of specific students, by which to multiply all of their test durations

Is there a way of efficiently assigning groups of students within a class pro-rated extra time, like 15 minutes extra per hour for one group of students and 10 minutes extra per hour for another, and 20 minutes extra per hour for a third group?

Then, when any assignment runs, for the whole class, including those with no extra time, and all those with different amounts of extra time per hour, each student’s extra time is calculated from the default time for the test, and added on to their own personal timer?

Apparently this can be done laboriously one student and one assessment at a time via the Proctoring Tools (and even via groups, using a roster file - but only for one particular assessment at a time).

This ubiquitous and energy-sapping extra time allocation chore needs to be far more efficient: when a simple multiplication can be used to do it for everyone all at once, if the extra time factor for each student x 1.25 or x 1.1 or whatever is known, and stored as part of their profile or wherever.

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  • Apr 20 2020
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    Boris Pavlovic commented
    20 Apr 15:32

    Thank you for your submission. We do have plans in the next few releases to improve our proctor tools capabilities, and are currently discussing an overhaul. Functionality like this is definitely on our radar.