mass import of multiple choice questions via spreadsheet or text file, or in formats from other platforms

It's a real pain/achievement barrier to manually type in MCQs when all other platforms have efficient ways of mass importing them, including with more than one answer scoring marks (multiple response), and in some cases with image files. But just getting the question and answer text imported would be a huge bonus, graphics could be added by hand. This is currently one of the few big drawbacks of Mobius compared with competitor software.

Logically, it would also be good to be able to mass import T/F and extended match type questions (EMQS), and possibly simple numerical and fill blanks (without complex marking algorithms) - latter could then be edited and improved to take advantage of the full power of Mobius if desired.

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  • Apr 23 2020
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  • Peter Johnson commented
    8 Oct, 2020 04:46pm

    You can do this in principle because Mobius uses an XML format. But it takes a bit of work.