Keep symbol mode menu bar fixed

Depending on the question type, the symbol mode menu bar changes (symbol list students can choose from).

Although the menu bar is very complex, I suggest to keep it fixed, so students can rely on its structure.

Thus, they know what to expect, where to look for symbols and thus get used to the tool easier.

  • Lisa Fischer
  • May 18 2020
  • Will Not Implement
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  • Admin
    Boris Pavlovic commented
    19 May 01:18pm

    Hi Lisa,

    Unfortunately the symbols provided in different question types are varied. Putting Mathematical Formula symbols in the same location as a Maple Graded Maple Syntax Symbolic question would require students to click into numerous menus to find the clickable items they are looking for, so this would slow students down.

    In the future as we release new question types we will take this into consideration!