Built-in method to number subparts to a question

If a question has quite a number of responses, it becomes more and more helpful to number each subpart to the question. Of course, doing this manually is not a good idea.

I've managed a workaround by adding


(in GUI form) at the beginning of each of my subparts and then using the following custom CSS:

body {

counter-reset: section;


h1::before {

counter-increment: section;

content: "—(" counter(section,lower-alpha) ")";


It produces a heading that looks like "—(a)—" which you could customise of course. The main thing was using the em-dash in the title itself because I wanted a visual separator in the editor window. This works in a pinch but is a little fiddly and feels like a bit of a hack.

It would be nice to have an editor button that inserted an auto-numbering thing (perhaps could be included as part of the "Block" feature, but maybe just easier as a self-contained object).

I don't know how this would work with adaptive questions :)

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  • Jun 7 2020
  • Will Not Implement
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  • Jessica Banks commented
    12 Jun, 2020 08:47am

    Why not just use an ordered list?