Grading assignments with adaptive questions doesn't seem to work correctly in version 2020.1

For example: an assignment with 4 adaptive questions with 25 points allotted each (100 total).

How it worked in a previous Möbius version:

  • main part: The student can give a final answer first, with 2 attempts at a penalty of 0.2. If the student has the correct answer immediately, he/she gets 25 points. If he/she needed 2 attempts, the points will be 0.8*25 = 20

  • sub questions: When the final answer is incorrect after 2 attempts, the adaptive sections unfold (one at the time), and each section has 1 attempt and shows the correct answer after verifying. The student has to use the correct answer in every next step. All adaptive sections add up to a maximum of 0.7 (for example). If the student answered all sections correct, the points given would be 0.7*25=17.5

How it works in version 2020.1:

  • main part: when the correct answer is given immediately 1.0*25=25 points are given (this still works OK)

  • sub questions: when the student answered all the adaptive sections correct, 0.7*25/1.7=10.3 point are given (which in my opinion is NOT OK)

DigitalED told me that new version is how it should work, and that the old version was wrong. For me this would make the adaptive question feature useless. Am I the only one with this problem? Maybe my approach for adaptive questions is old fashioned?

If you also want the old way of grading to be restored, please vote!

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  • Sep 9 2020
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