Export all data in one go

To run our own analytics it would help to be able to access all data with our own scripts. This could be to download, or via an API. For example, I can currently download all student grades, or separately I can download the individual responses of a particular student to all response areas. But I really need all responses from all students. I can't go and click thousands of time to get all that data - and then do it the next day again to see what's changed. If I can access all the data, then I can run my own analytics. For example, dashboards for students and their teachers, to help target teaching 'interventions'.

No need necessarily for the product to be a CSV file. It could be JSON or whatever. It can be as raw as you like to simplify the feature.

  • Peter Johnson
  • Oct 8 2020
  • Future Consideration
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  • Michael Clasen Jacobsen commented
    27 Nov, 2020 10:29am

    Current supplied Google dashboard overview is not really useful for anything, we would much prefer either have DigitalEd do -real- analytics in Möbius, or as this idea proposes, let us download vast amounts of raw datasets. And this should be controlled by the role/rights settings in Möbius.