Prevent Mobius timing out while developing content.

It would be handy if Mobius' "inactivity clock" would reset any time our activities in Mobius cause a new window to open. For example, I was just recording audio for a slide I had created. I was using Mobius' audio recorder, which opens a new window. Foolishly, I didn't save the slide before recording the audio.

I had to make several restarts on the audio, and while I was doing so, the "parent process" timed out. The warning to extend my session did not appear in the active window (the recorder), but behind it. So I saw no warnings. I lost the slide. It appears nowhere in my repository.

It would be nice if, when I clicked the button to record the audio, opening the audio recording window, the current work auto-saves and the activity timer resets. It would be nice if this would happen any time a new window opens over top of the parent tab.

  • Jason Diemer
  • Oct 19 2020
  • Future Consideration
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