Validate export of course module

Currently it is possible to export course modules which is larger than what the import function of a möbius instance can handle. With lessons and video, course modules can become very large. You can have course instructors in a situation, where they think they have made a local copy/backup of their content, by doing the course module export, just to find, that it is impossible to import the file.

So when instructors do an export, the system should validate the file size, and if larger than what the import function can handle, throw a warning (or simply deny the export, because it will become useless).

Alternatively, have the export function automatically divide the course module into several zip files (1,2,3,...) so that each can be imported.

You cannot expect users to know, that they cannot have all their content living in Möbius, and that they have to reduce video quality before upload, or have it embedded via youtube or similar. It is a very nice functionality, to have everything in one place, and that you can make a local backup of it.

  • Michael Clasen Jacobsen
  • Oct 30 2020
  • Future Consideration
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