Utilise LTI advantage tools to sync students into classes automatically

you have your LMS connected to Mobius and some of your students need extra time in tests. However, some students in the LMS do not click on a link to Mobius, so there was no account for them in Mobius. But, these students needed extra permissions via proctor tools. It is possible to manually create accounts in Mobius that match the user info in the LMS and that would be fine. However, for a large number of students, this isn't suitable.

It seems that other LTI tool providers allow a 'sync users' button in the LMS. So you (the instructor) click it and all registered users in that LMS class automatically get an account in the LTI tool - problem solved.

It seems like this might be possible if Mobius utlised LTI advantge.

  • Lachlan Swain
  • Feb 10 2021
  • Future Consideration
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  • Michael Clasen Jacobsen commented
    17 May 12:49pm

    This is a bare minimum need, that the userlist in all classes in Möbius, created via LTI, is automatiacally syncronised with the LMS. It is not good enough to have the userlist in Möbius only populated if the user has logged in, at some point in time.
    This is one of the reasons why we do not use LTI for Möbius, but use the API instead. We syncronise the userlist between the LMS and Möbius at creation, and then nightly after that.