Document and Essay Response Annotation Tool

Ability for Instructors to annotate uploaded images/documents and essay responses, with a free hand stylus type tool from the Gradebook. Instead of downloading document, can view and annotate in Mobius.

Ability for student to view that annotation feedback from Gradebook.

Instructor and Student benefit from more efficient feedback loop kept in Mobius.

Additional secondary requests around student having access to similar tool while answering essay response areas or uploading documents.

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  • Apr 12 2021
  • Future Consideration
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    Boris Pavlovic commented
    12 Apr 06:52pm

    Due to the new technologies, workflows, and UIs required for this feature it is something that would require a considerable amount of effort to implement.

    At this time we will not be pursuing this change as our goal is improving infrastructure, lowering support cases, and improving grade and feedback automation.

    The timeline on this would be that at minimum two years would pass before we revisit the concept.