Apply Font size 16 to all text to comply with web accessibility rules.

Hi, current web accessibility standard recommends font size 16 for web pages. The default font size in Mobius is too small. Even if we set font size to 14 or 16 through theme, it only effects question text, and not the answers. Please see a screenshot attached. Please could you change the default font size to 16 for both question text and answers to comply with the accessibility standard? Many thanks!

  • Miki Sun
  • May 4 2021
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    Boris Pavlovic commented
    4 May 02:55pm

    To the submitter:

    Thank you for your submission!

    At DigitalEd we take accessibility very seriously. All text elements within the platform respond to standard pinch-to-zoom on mobile and respond to browser font size changes.

    I cannot seem to find any criterion which require a base 16 font size. Based on WCAG Criterion 1.4.4 we allow for zooming up to and above 200% which provides the required flexibility, as well as conforming to contrast requirements for large and small font sizes.

    As you noted, themes can adjust the activity views. If keyboard adjustment is insufficient please send an email to our team so that they can work with you to adjust the system settings to change the base font size to 14.