Shortcuts for grading many students

A teacher came to us with the following: he had made a script for himself with multiple shortcuts so that the grading process would go easier. He wanted you to consider adding these shortcuts at a central level so all users could benefit from these shortcuts. They are as follows:

  • enter (when nothing is selected) = select the first partial grade, select the content of a gradebox (for fast editing)

  • enter (when entering a grade) = confirm a grade, select the next partial grade in this question, or (if there are none), go to the next student and select the first partial grade.

  • ctrl + left arrow = discard the edits of current partial grade, select previous partial grade (goes to previous student if necessary)

  • ctrl + right arrow = discard edits of current partial grade, select next partial grade (goes to the next student if necessary)

  • esc = discard edits to current partial grade

  • Eline Heinen
  • May 25 2021
  • Future Consideration
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