Make Preview available in Maple Graded Question with symbolic entry

Maple graded question allows to process student response at preview. E.g. spell check for variables or test for unbalanced parantheses or giving very specific hints can be done using maple code on top of the standard preview operation.

I use maple graded questions to have equation systems as a response. For this text input field is not suited to enter number of equations, as there is only one line availabel. Equations may be destinguished by seperators, but this is confusing while entering and checking the entry. Using symbolic entry equations and other stuff can be entered line-wise using a matrix. This is very overseeable. However the response can not be checked in advance using preview code.

Can you please make the preview button usable also with symbolc entry?

  • Bernhard Gesenhues
  • Jun 25 2021
  • Future Consideration
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