Make sorting items in the content repository sort able on alphabet possible as default

We have many instructors who use alphabetic sorting to give some extra structure to their content repositories. However right now the sorting goes back to default whenever they exit Mobius. They have to manually sort it on alphabet every time they navigate to the content repository. Of course this step is fairly small, but if you have to do this every time it adds up and gets fairly annoying.

  • Eline Heinen
  • Jul 5 2021
  • Future Consideration
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  • Eline Heinen commented
    5 Jul 01:34pm

    @Boris Pavlovic Yes this is for all Content Types. Lachlan Swain let me know via support that this was not possible, the instructor wanted this for the questions specifically

  • Admin
    Boris Pavlovic commented
    5 Jul 01:04pm

    Could the submitter clarify - is this for "All Content Types"? Assignment and Lesson Units and their contents should remain sorted alphabetically if they are placed in that order. Question groups should as well. Questions do not. Any other behaviour would be a bug worth investigating!