Improve WIFI connected experience

Please provide system settings to enable some kind of server/client resilience against clients wifi disconnecting and connecting to the Maple TA session briefly. 

Right now, when a client is disconnected and reconnected, during an assignment, they have to close the window and reopen Maple TA to proceed. It would be very useful if the session could be more resilient against connection drop outs, and let students continue their work almost as if nothing happened, even in the event of temporarily connection failure.

When you have hundreds of students in the same location using wireless connection with different devices, they will experience temporarily drop outs of the connection, it cannot be avoided. Because of Maple TA's current behavior in such environment, we cant really use Maple TA during our exams. 

The future of Edtech exams will likely not make use of stationary computers, with wired connections (it is too costly to reserve buildings and personal for that), it will make use of bring your own device and wireless connections.

  • Michael Clasen Jacobsen
  • Nov 12 2018
  • Future Consideration
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