More automated updating of assignment dates/times - via API or using Class Start/End dates

Suggesting a feature to add to Mobius API to allow for API updating of assignment dates and times - similar to what is currently possible in the Class Scheduler tool.

The idea is similar to Canvas LMS API which can help to automate all of the tedious date-related settings that need to be reset every time a course starts.

This may also require some extra work on the platform to support the following:

  • The ability for assignment dates/times to be stored as relative to the Class Start and Class End dates (e.g. [CLASS START DATE]+4 weeks). Currently the Class Scheduler tool allows you to move dates by some number of weeks, but this relative change is not stored in the database.

  • If this relative date/time setting is preserved in the database, it would then update when the Class Start/End dates change, and also when the content is moved to a new class (with different Class Start/End dates).

  • Chris Banks
  • Aug 26 2021
  • Future Consideration
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