Function "How Did I Do?" in Adaptive Assessments should be available!

I have used MCW in several years now and this academic year I would like to combine both Adaptive Assessments and function “How Did I do?”. By combining these two functions I would get “Adaptive-Interactive exercises” as I call it “AI-exercises”.
These two functions in the same exercises would give the possibility to students to have imedeatly feedback which is very useful when students.
The possibility to have adaptive assessments will give a possibility to students to have some competition atmosphere during learning. With unlimeted amount of try it would be up to students to achieve the best results.

My proposal is to have the "How did I do?" function in Adaptive assessments on the same way as this function is in regular Assessemnts.

Best regards,

  • Nihad Subasic
  • Aug 30 2021
  • Future Consideration
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