Add the ability to mark a manual grade change as protected from automatic regrading

The regrading tool is wonderful, but I have often found myself in situations where I still need to regrade a response area manually (for example, students have the correct answer, but have used an unexpected syntax, or where we have decided to manually apply a carry over grade).

In these situations I would love to still be able to accept the changes of the automatic re-grading tool, but keep these manual changes.

My imagined ideal version of this feature would be a lock next to the grade, where you can change an autograded mark and "lock" it in as protected from change when regarding.

Here is a (toy) scenario:

  • I've been marking an assignment and notice a student has entered the response {{2,3],[1]} instead of the expected answer {{2,3},[1]} .

  • This is difficult enough to fix in the grading code that I want to just assign the mark manually and keep working.

  • Later, I discover that the feedback to the question is wrong and I want to run the regrading tool to update this feedback.

  • Rewriting the feedback and running a regrade job will update this, but only if I accept all changes (undoing all the work I have done manually to an autograded area).

  • Joshua Capel
  • Sep 1 2021
  • Future Consideration
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