Date format should be adjustable per region, not only American style MMDDYYYY

For Mobius users who are not used to the American date format 04/02/2019 is read as fourth of February even though it is April second.

Currently the date format is MMDDYYYY, however in Europe the common date format is DDMMYYYY.

Thus the date of the exam is very confusing to students.


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  • Mar 22 2019
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  • Jonathan Kress commented
    5 Mar 01:58am

    My understanding is that dates shown to users by Mobius use the date format corresponding to user's browser language settings. I'm in Australia and my language settings are Australian English so I see dates in Mobius in the format DD/MM/YY. But many of our students have installed a browser and not changed their language settings from the default US English and so see MM/DD/YY dates which causes a lot of confusion and some students to miss their assessments.

    I would prefer that the date format was fixed in the server configuration rather than relying on users to set their language correctly because clearly a large percentage of users don't do this. Most of our users notice there are non-sensical dates like 2/25/21 and realise what is going on, but this still catches out some and annoys many more.

  • Claus Christensen commented
    22 May, 2019 06:40am

    The format used is not day-month-year but month-day-year which is the problem. To users not familiar with this convention it is very easy to mistake a month-day-year format for the more logical day-month-year format.

    The format used to exchange dates electronically should conform to international standards, but the format used to convey information to users should conform to a format, that users can easily understand, and such formats vary from country to country.

  • Chris Banks commented
    22 May, 2019 12:53am

    DD-MM-YYYY is also standard in Australia. Other formats (YYYY-MM-DD is the ISO8601 standard) are more common in parts of Asia.