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Features in Möbius Assessment

Möbius Assessment has everything you demand from a premier online assessment system.

Möbius Assessment has everything you demand from your online testing and assessment software, and is designed especially for courses involving mathematics, making it ideal for all your technical courses. Truly assess student understanding of math-based concepts.
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Free Response Questions

Ask free response questions, including questions that have more than one correct answer. Möbius Assessment will evaluate responses intelligently, just like you would.

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Adaptive Testing

Ensure success for your students and keep them from getting discouraged with individualized question paths.

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Connect and Integrate

From augmenting a standard course management system to providing automated assessment for a custom-built MOOC, Möbius Assessment can be integrated into all your online offerings.

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Mobius for Students

For Instructors and Students

  • Many question types for both technical and non-technical subjects
  • Powerful algorithmically generated questions that turn one question into hundreds
  • Flexible partial grading
  • Full-featured gradebook, including reports and analytical tools
  • Adaptive assignments and questions
  • Flexible assignment properties
  • Accessible via standard web browsers from computers and mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and more
  • Most comprehensive, easiest-to-use authoring tools for math-based content
  • Thousands of shared questions that can be freely used and modified

For Administrators

  • Scalable, from small classes to MOOCs with up to a million users
  • Customizable interface
  • Advanced security features
  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) connectivity for easy integration with course management systems:
    • Blackboard
    • Canvas
    • Moodle
    • Brightspace
    • Sakai
  • Web services API for integration with virtually any online course environment, including custom solutions
  • Integration offers seamless experience for students and instructors
  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Consolidated gradebook
  • Easy student access to all assignments from a single location
  • Authentication via LDAP for integration with campus databases
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Mobius for Instructors Mobius for Instructors

Detailed Feature List

Full Support for Mathematics

Möbius Assessment is designed especially for courses involving mathematics, and so it is your best choice for your mathematics, engineering, science, and other courses that use math. Möbius Assessment lets you ask the questions you want, the way you want, and then grades the responses just like you would.
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  • Natural math notation is used in both the question text and student response.
  • Easy-to-use equation editor makes it simple to enter mathematical expressions.
  • Free response questions are graded for mathematical equivalence. Where appropriate, responses do not need to be identical to the solution to be graded as correct; they just need to be equivalent. For example, if the correct answer is , Möbius Assessment will also accept , and if the answer is , Möbius Assessment will also accept . Alternatively, you can require responses to be in a particular form.
  • A wide variety of mathematical and scientific question types support free response questions, questions that require a numeric answer to fall within given margin of error, chemical formula questions, free body diagrams, graph sketching, questions that handle units, interactive Math Apps, multi-part questions, and more.
  • Open-ended questions can have infinitely many answers. With Möbius Assessment you can ask questions for which you cannot know in advance how the student will respond, and Möbius Assessment can still grade their responses automatically. You can ask questions such as "Give an example of a function that has a maximum at x = 0," "List two composite numbers that have no factors in common," or "Give an example of an invertible matrix."
  • Powerful algorithmically generated questions turn one question template into hundreds or thousands of similar questions, providing individual homework assignments and lots of practice questions for your students.
  • Adaptive questions provide students another chance when they give an incorrect response. Knowing the student is having trouble, the question can be adapted to walk the student through the problem one step at a time, allow students to try a simpler version of the same question before retrying the original, or whatever the instructor feels is appropriate.
  • Sophisticated visualization tools let you easily include plots in your questions by taking advantage of the over one hundred 2-D and 3-D plot types and customization options available from Maple. When appropriate, you can even allow students to see a plot of their response before they submit their work.
  • Flexible partial grading lets you give partial credit for mathematical responses that are not completely correct, and you can control how generous or rigorous the grading will be.
  • Extensive mathematical knowledge coming from Maple means Möbius Assessment can automatically grade questions from virtually any area of mathematics.
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Everything else you want in an online assessment system

Of course, Möbius Assessment has all the features you would expect in any testing and assessment system, in addition to all the features that make it ideal for math-based testing, including lots of different question types, control over numerous aspects of the assignments, and a gradebook that is second to none in terms of its flexibility and analytical tools.
everything you want
  • Over 15 question types, including mathematical free response, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, graph sketching, clickable image, essay, free body diagram, interactive Math App, and numeric with margins of error, cover all your needs for both technical and non-technical subjects.
  • A wide variety of assignment types allow for practice, homework, mastery, high-stakes, and adaptive testing.
  • The Möbius Assessment Proctored Browser, an optional testing environment, requires students to stay inside Möbius Assessment until the test or assignment is completed, so they cannot access other web sites or programs.
  • Flexible assignment properties determine start and end times, how much feedback the student gets during the assignment, passing score, number of attempts, restrictions on where they can take the assignment, and more.
  • An intuitive assignment editor makes it easy to construct assignments and set assignment properties.
  • Flexible gradebook provides all the tools you need to track and analyze your students' progress. It captures student results for individual assignments and questions within an assignment and allows you to set up grading schemes that include work done outside of Möbius Assessment, import and export grades, and more. Its unsurpassed statistical analysis tools provide in-depth insight of the results from the student, assignment, and question point of view, so you can get the information you want in the form you need.
  • Accessible via standard web browsers from computers and tablets, including iPad, Android tablets, and more
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Easy Content Creation

Möbius Assessment is the system of choice for those who want full control over their question content. Whether you want to customize the many available questions or write your own, Möbius Assessment provides the most comprehensive, easiest-to-use authoring tools available for mathematics-based content.
East Content
  • Step-by-step Question Designer walks you through the creation of a wide variety of questions.
  • Easy-to-use editor lets you add formatting, images, plots, and special characters to questions.
  • Hints and feedback for each question lets you provide additional guidance to your students.
  • Thousands of built-in math commands provide coverage of virtually all areas of mathematics, so you can create questions for any course, at any level.
  • Powerful algorithm design tools make it easy to create sophisticated question templates which are used to generate hundreds of instances of a single question. You can vary more than one value in your question, set conditions on those variables, and even take advantage of sophisticated randomization tools found in Maple for generating mathematical objects, such as matrices, polynomials, and prime numbers.
  • Flexible content management tools make it easy to organize, search, and share content and quickly assemble assignments.
  • The Möbius Cloud enables easy content sharing, so you can access questions created by other users and share your own content with the community from within the Möbius Platform.
    • Content sharing between users world-wide is built directly into the Möbius Platform, so using a publicly shared question is as easy as using one you wrote yourself.
    • You can choose to share individual questions, a group of questions, or even a fully organized, multi-layered collection of questions to support a full course. The full organizational hierarchy is preserved so others can navigate and understand your content in the same way you do.
    • Any dependencies on local class resources, such as images and Maple repositories, are automatically bundled in so the question works immediately on any system.
    • You can search the Möbius Cloud in the same ways you search your own question repository, including searching the text of the shared question, so you can find exactly what you need.
    • Tens of thousands of questions, many of which have been extensively field tested, are freely available for you to use and customize for your own classes. Topics include calculus, precalculus, physics, chemistry, engineering, differential equations, statistics, and more.
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Integration with Course Management Systems

From augmenting a standard course management system to providing automated assessment for a custom-built MOOC, Möbius Assessment can be integrated into all your online offerings.
  • Seamless experience for instructors and students
  • Connectivity features for easy integration with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace, and Sakai
  • Web services API for integration with virtually any online course environment, including custom solutions
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Möbius Assessment can be seamlessly integrated into all your institutions' systems and routines, ensuring a smooth experience for students, instructors, and administrators alike.
  • Authentication via LDAP allows you to integrate Möbius Assessment with your campus database for user authentication, making class administration easy to manage.
  • The customizable interface allows you to control look and feel, as well as provide additional information to your students.
  • Class roster import, manual registration, and student self-registration are all available.
  • Content can easily be shared between instructors, making multi-section courses simple to administer.
  • Single sign-on for all classes provides a convenient starting point for students and instructors.
  • Möbius Assessment can be incorporated into virtually any course management system, making for a seamless experience for instructors and students. Learn more about integrating Möbius Assessment with course management systems.
  • Distributed load balancing across multiple servers supports large-scale installations with up to 1,000,000 users.