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This feature has been ADDED!

Issue key Summary

Added the capability to automatically separate students' grades into child classes when they follow LTI links from cloned courses in their LMS. Check out Clone my LMS course.

These features have been IMPROVED!

Issue key Summary
MO-9164 Updated the language on the Proctor Tools page when performing a user search.
MO-9165 Updated the language and grammar on the Class Manager page when selecting a new primary instructor for a class.
MO-9167 Updated the capitalization of "User Tours" in the User Tour modal messages.
MO-9170 Updated the capitalization style of the Display Type options for the List question type.
MO-9175 Updated the capitalization of "Gradebook" in the message that appears when the Regrade Jobs pge doesn't have any unsubmitted regrade jobs.
MO-9196 Updated the messaging that explains when the maximum number of assignment regrade jobs has been reached on the Regrade page of the Gradebook.

These bugs have been FIXED!

Issue key Summary
MO-2518 Resolved an issue where students couldn't re-enter a proctored exam's password after entering it incorrectly.
MO-9578 Resolved an issue where session loss would occur on upgrade if a new property was added to an object that gets stored in the session.
MO-9644 Resolved an issue where regraded grades couldn't be saved if the student's answer contained the single quote character.